Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Saturday & Sunday

August 27 & 28
Saturday morning we went to Mahomet to see the band I am They.  It was a great concert!  Especially seeing the kids dance and sing along :).

Sunday after church we took the kids to Fuji, the Japanese Hibachi Grill.  Atley was not impressed with the fire.  Ethan and Nora loved it!
Atley's facial/body expressions through lunch.  She was much happier when she had food and the guy at the grill was gone!
Happy Ethan
Nora loved the "show" and the food.
Nora- through the fish tank :)

Phone Dump Catch-Up

Here's a little catch up for you since the start of school!

Aug. 20- We took a bike ride to Ethan's new school, Mt. Zion Grade and had a great time playing on the playground!
A quick stop for a water break
Nora's trying out the climber too
Sweet Atley
Snack and water break in the shade
Later that day, the kids had a blast in a pop up rain shower!
Nora, Zach, Liz, Ethan
Aug 22
A little "then and now" for you. Still golfing in the yard (with foam balls ONLY!)
Sept 1 & 2
Birthday Month Girl :)

Saturday, August 20, 2016

First Day of 2nd Grade

Somehow Ethan is in 2nd grade!  Don't get me wrong, he is definitely ready to be a second grader and definitely smart enough to be a second grader, but he should still be my baby boy!  He was so ready to start school this year.  I was a little nervous about getting up and ready on time (since all summer we struggled to be anywhere by 9am!)  But, we got up Thursday morning and were back into the school schedule swing.  He is at a new school this year and didn't seem nervous at all about it!
We went on Wednesday night for orientation, to meet his teacher, see his classroom and drop off school supplies.
Desk picture!
He has a locker this year!! What?!
Frist day of school pictures!
Handsome boy!

Supportive sisters :)
First day of 1st Grade vs. First day of 2nd Grade
Bus stop gang!
Getting off after a great first (1/2) day!

My Tiny Dancer

Nora started dance last week and she could NOT wait!  She asked me for days if today was the day she had dance :).  The junior college in our town offered a Pre-ballet, tap and tumbling class for her age group and I thought that it would be perfect for her to try it all out!  Needless to say, she had a great time and can't wait to go back next week!
I'm biased, but come on!! So cute :)!
Tiny bun 
Learning to "shuffle".
Atley wanted to join in.  But this is as close as I would let her get.
A couple of videos...because I can't resist!

End of Summer Salem Trip

Last weekend (Aug 13,14) we went to Salem to spend some time with family.  We celebrated Katie's 5th birthday and had a family reunion (of sorts) with my cousins!  
Ethan LOVED this ninja line.  He tried it over and over! 
PiƱata for Katie's party!
Nice swing from Ethan
Happy Birthday Katie Sue!
Nora enjoyed trying out one of Katie's gifts
For the 3rd summer in a row, my cousin Phillip (and his parents) have organized a family get together.  Complete with an inflatable water slide.  We had to cancel the ponies since it was raining, but that didn't stop the kids from having a blast on the water slide!
Ethan- action shot!
Atley got in on the fun! Phillip helping push her down and Haley catching :)
A couple of cute Harley chicks- Atley and Margo
Nora was cold on the ride daddy to the rescue :)

Glen Ellyn Visit

Aug 3, 4
The kids and I have been missing our friends, the Lloyds.  So we decided to make a trip north to visit them!  We packed a lot into 24 hours! It was so great catching up and seeing them.  We hate that they moved away, but love to visit such a fun area!  And love that they are so happy in Glen Ellyn!
When we got there, the kids headed straight outside to play in the neighborhood.  And then we went to the Morton Arboretum.  It was so fun!  And HOT!
Snack time with this crew!
Nora, Brennan, Ethan, Atley, Kullen, Mayleigh, Chase
Ethan helping Atley through the swinging bridges
A little cooling off with the watering can mister!
Atley needed some more cooling off with some water spitting frogs :)
Love these kids! 
The next morning, we took the kids to SkyZone!  Ethan has been wanting to back ever since our visit last year.  Atley was old enough this year to enjoy trampolining!
Blurry, jumping Nora
She fell a lot :)!
Ready to shoot some hoops
He's such a good big brother!
Brennan, Ethan, Chase
Good toe touch, E!

After an hour of jumping, we were ready of lunch!  Portillo's is always a hit!!
Hotdogs all around!