Wednesday, July 19, 2017

April 2017

April seems quite full also!  We started at Sky Zone Trampoline Park to celebrate Zach's (our neighbor) 8th birthday.  Then a quick trip to Salem, the beginnings of softball and baseball, more progress in the bathroom reno, fun at the playground, Ethan's spring concert, Easter festivities, Garth Brooks and around the house.  

Nora climbed the twisty ladder several times!
April 1
Ethan, jousting.
These girls love their Finley :)!
April 2
Scout and Ethan- knee deep in mud!
The new tooth brushing exhibit at the children's museum.
April 4
Nora's first softball practice (it was freezing)!
April 6
Good hit off the tee!
The vanity is in the house...that's progress from the garage :)!
April 5

Atley's just hanging out!
April 7
Pleading to wear her heels out the door!
April 7
Swinging with my girl, Atley, at the playground!
April 9
Swinging at his old school's playground
Monkey bars!
A little batting cage practice
April 9
Daddy giving Nora some pointers
Just a normal morning with this sweet girl!
April 11
Ethan's 2nd Grade spring concert
April 11
Big bro, middle sis!
Grandma Karen came up for the concert!
Family shot after
Nora's loot after her school Easter egg hunt
April 12
Pre-k class of bunnies
We found another Easter egg hunt to go to!
April 13
Lunch on the deck after a 1/2 day of school
April 13
The eggs-stravaganza at the church in Salem
April 15
She really just wanted the "farkly" (sparkly) ones!
The big kids checking out their loot!
Easter Sunday
April 16
Sisters :)
Nora D
Ethan J
Atley J
Love these 3 more than words can say!
The weather was turning nicer, so the girls and I went to a local nursery to pick up some flowers to plant!
April 18
Pre-school play day! We went to a camp operated by one of Nora's preschool friends! Fun time on the paddle boat.
April 19
Sarah came to St. Louis for a very quick weekend to be in a wedding.  We squeezed lunch in together!
April 28
I have wanted to see Garth Brooks in concert forever! (At least since Highschool).  Jared and I got last minute tickets and went to Champaign for the best concert I've ever been to!  I loved every second!
April 29
AHH!! He was so so good!!

March 2017

March was a busy month it seems! First off, a dinner date post Whole 30 with Jared!  We also went to Edwardsville/St. Louis to celebrate Margo's bday.  I took a road trip with Emily to Waco with lots of fun stops along the way.  We began the bathroom remodel, which took up quite a bit of free time.  

First post Whole 30 dinner at Gin Mill.  So yummy!
March 3
Followed by brownie skillet from Taproot!  The BEST!
Margo turns 1!!
March 4
Ethan, Margo, Haley, Katie, Nora & Atley
We stayed the night with Abby and Alex and went to the St. Louis Science Museum the next day!
March 5
Ethan, making a sail boat!
Watching cars go under us on I64
We competed the arch!
Last bath in the big tub before demo!
March 7
Emily and I are off on our road trip!
March 9
We made a detour through Oklahoma to visit the Pioneer Woman's "Merc".  There was quite the line for lunch, but it was worth the wait!!  YUM!
March 9

Desserts from the Mercantile!  Prune cake (amazing!!) and Strawberry cake!

We made it to Waco!!
March 10
The Silo's were so fun!  So much to see!
Magnolia Silos
It was busy inside!!
Of course we had to get a cupcake from the Silo Bakery!
Made a stop in at Clint Harp's store (From Fixer Upper).  Lots of really cool things in there :).
March 11
I came home from my Waco trip to this!  A demo-ed bathroom!
March 13 
Bathroom reno means lots of Lowe's trips...Atley was hiding in the "tent".
March 14
More demo! Jared really enjoyed this part :)!
March 18
This video has made me laugh over and over!
"Oh, you shower is gone!"
March 18
Free cone day at DQ!
March 20
Grandpa and Atley
March 25
Grandpa and Dustin came up to help us out with some electrical work in the bathroom! Thank you so so much!!
March 25
Our contractor graciously left his tile saw for Jared to use on the flooring!
March 24
Jared measured, cut, laid and grouted the entire floor! He's pretty impressive ;)!
March 26
Another Lowe's trip!  Checking out the toilets!
March 29
See! March was jam packed!!  More bathroom reno coming next month!!